The RK Foundation provides grants to local nonprofits and public organizations that support child advocacy, community support, health, education, trade skills and veterans. Funding applications are reviewed quarterly and organizations will be notified of their status in writing.

Apply Online (button link to URL)

Visit our application page and click the START button at the bottom. Complete the online application and click SUBMIT. If we require more information, we will contact your organization directly.

Guidelines for Grant Applicants

  1. Grant applications may apply online and will be evaluated during our next quarterly review.
  2. Grants will not be funded for these organizations or purposes:
  • International programs
  • Private or for-profit businesses
  • Awareness or marketing campaigns
  • Fiscal sponsorship programs
  • Organizations that fall outside of one of our advocacy areas:
    • Child Advocacy
    • Health
    • Community Support
    • Education
    • Innovation
    • Skilled Trades
    • Veterans
  1. Receiving a grant is no guarantee of future funding.
  2. The RK Foundation is not motivated to be the largest private donor to any organization within any organization’s annual accounting period.
  3. Within twelve (12) months of receiving a grant, an organization must submit a progress report.

For questions, please email the RK Foundation administrator at or call (303) 355-9696.

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